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The Vampire Breast Lift procedure addresses the 5 signs of breast ageing:

  1. Graying of skin due to reduced blood flow.
  2. Collapsing and drooping breast shape
  3. Decreased nipple sensation after breast feeding, breast implants, other surgery or ageing.
  4. Inverted nipples
  5. Crinkling / crepe paper skin in décolletage

The Vampire® Breast Lift Procedure includes:

  1. Individual evaluation of your personal Breast needs
  2. Drawing of your blood and preparation of your own growth factors
  3. Injection in a specific way into your breast / chest tissues of your own PRP (platelet rich plasma) along with dermal fillers.

Note: This treatment is not a substitute for breast enlargement surgery, but specifically helps to enhance the upper part of the breast.

In this video below, Dr Runels starts by discussing breast implants and the Vampire Breast Lift® and then also discusses around the topics of the other uses of Platelet Rich Plasma that we have in the clinic. These problems include Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss on the scalp. The same mechanisms that help all these conditions have been found to be the case in wound healing research, the Vampire Facelift® and the treatment of Lichen Sclerosis. In our clinic, we started using Platelet Rich Plasma from around 2006 for cosmetic and medical uses.

Platelet rich plasma has been found to regenerate tissues including nerves. IN the case of diminished nipple sensation after breast surgery, breast feeding or breast implants, the Vampire Breast Lift® can safely improve nipple sensation.

Dr Frances Pitsilis is a member of Dr Runels' group which is also funding research in the uses of Platelet Rich Plasma in medicine.

As well as optimizing internal heath, Skinfresh can offer complimentary treatments to enhance this procedures results including Limelight® IPL, Laser Genesis® and Titan® depending on your individual needs.

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