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Hand & Chest Rejuvenation

Our hands and chest receive so much exposure over time and can show visible signs of aging including pigmentation, loss of fatty tissue and wrinkles. Hand and chest rejuvenation treatments can help to reverse these problems and restore the skin to a more youthful appearance.

Just as sun damage can cause red and brown discolouration of the face, it can also cause similar changes to the hands, arms and chest. We can treat these problems in a similar way as we do on the face.

Depending on your concerns with your hands, arms or chest, we can create a treatment plan for the best results.

Treatments that can be used include:

Hydrating Dermal fillers - Hyaluraonic acid gel that that draws water into your skin

LimeLight - for red and brown discolouration

Laser Genesis - for deep redness and to increase collagen. This can be useful if the skin is quite dry and thin.

Vascular Laser - for veins.

Titan - to thicken collagen and tighten skin - especially useful on backs of hands or chest where the skin is thin, crepey and dry looking.

Dermapen® - works well for texture, pigmentation, collagen production and skin tightening

Photodynamic Therapy - reduces scale and sun damage and makes the skin safer and smoother.


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Hand Rejuvenation
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Hand Rejuvenation
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