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October 2015

Today's Developed Man – Menaissance Man

Todays man is completely assured of himself. No longer is he struggling to come to terms with his place and role in the face of so many changes in our society and the progress of women.

Todays’ man has progressed in his own right. No longer are there terms used like “ Metro Sexual”, “ Sensitive New Age Guy’ and the like. Manliness is completely confident and secure in himself and in his persona. He rejects sexism, consumerism, racism, chauvinism, and homophobia.

Man is moving towards responsible behaviour, dressing sharp, getting barbershop haircuts and moral living. He gets a manicure and facials if he feels like it without any issues.

He is so completely down to earth and secure in himself that he is happy to open a door – not just for a woman, for anyone! This is the renaissance of todays man - Menaissance.

It is therefore not surprising to find todays man visiting Skinfresh clinic. If he wants to look fresher, better and healthier, why not do it because he wants to. He is also well aware of the fact that more attractive people get the job, do more deals and are generally more successful in life.

He wants to look natural and seeks easy, comfortable and no down-time treatments. He understands that major surgical procedures carry higher risk as well as cost, and cost more than just the procedure – its time lost from work that must also be counted.

Looking good goes hand in hand with looking after yourself, looking good and feeling good.

With Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt leading the trend, our male clients discuss with us regularly - wrinkles, sagging skin, blotchy and sun damaged ageing skin, or undertake a lunchtime procedure like wrinkle treatments or the lunchtime facelift/ stronger jawline.

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A Christmas Idea!
Aspect Dr Starter Kit

  • Affordable introductory kit for first time users
  • Ideal travel companion for the holidays
  • Ideal gift for Christmas.

The Aspect Starter Kit includes:

  • Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Exfol A Plus Serum
  • Active C Serum
  • Resveratrol Moisturising Cream, from red grape skin antioxidant moisturiser.

They synergistically work together to keep your skin looking its best.


The Festive Season is nearly upon us and now is the time to prepare for that special event…

Now is the time to act if you want to get the best results for your appearance for special events in the forthcoming weeks leading up to Christmas. Generally, you need to start treatments up to eight weeks ahead for a more youthful, fresh and healthier look.

At Skinfresh Clinic, the emphasis is on recommending the best individual skin care regime and treatments suitable for you specifically, also taking into account not only your “Wish List” but your budget.  We also work from the inside out, enhancing your body’s ability to produce collagen and restore healthy skin.

Skinfresh Clinic have a range of facial treatments, most of which can be performed on any skin type. At Skinfresh Clinic we now have a detailed skin analysis system. Visia is the gold standard skin analysis system in the world and is used in scientific studies internationally to accurately assess skin treatment results.

Affordable Dermal Fillers 
Restylane®, the global number one dermal filler, is currently very affordable at Skinfresh Clinic. Restylane can be used for lips  and lines around the mouth as well as lifting and adding volume in the cheeks. We also have the latest generation dermal filler brand.

Competitive Dysport Prices
Dysport, the UK brand of Botulinum Toxin, is a simple effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles that creates a youthful relaxed appearance.

At Skinfresh Clinic we have very competitive prices that can start as low as $195 for the frown lines.

Skin Discolouration
Discolouration of the face, neck and chest may need more than one treatment. As these treatments need to be 2-4 weekly, you need to start now to get clear skin for that special event.
Skinfresh have a revolutionary treatment called Laser Genesis for redness, pores, scars, deep wrinkles, acne and skin laxity that is completely comfortable and requires absolutely no downtime – you return to work straight away! Imagine a treatment that does all of the above and leaves you feeling relaxed!

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