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Early November 2018

Kissable Lips™
Kissable Lips
Dermal Filler Lip enhancement for only $395*

*Special conditions apply

Now anyone can have lip enhancement before that special event, or just because!

An innovation by Skinfresh for those who don't want or need anything else apart from their lips done. This is a permanent standard price.

A no-obligation consultation is a must before treatment so we can advise of important details and check you are suitable. If you go ahead with the treatment at your next visit, the initial consultation fee is deducted from the cost of the treatment.

For more information call us and make your appointment on 09 486 0030

*All the same precautions apply... you must be in good health and work with us to make this a great treatment.


No Pain, Just Gain... get Summer ready NOW!

The holidays are now only weeks away.

Consider the benefits of feeling and looking younger and fresher. When you look good you feel good too and the other way around!

Looking better makes you more approachable and opens up more opportunities for you.

  • Dysport® in the frown lines not only makes you look less grumpy, but is scientifically proven to reduce depression
  • Dermal fillers increase pre-collagen cell activity by 1400%, so keeping up with them now will mean you will look better as you age.
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenating treatments started early help prevent sagging skin with ageing. These treatments include Titan®, Laser Genesis®, Vampire facial® and Dermapen.
  • Double Chin reduction
    For Double Chin reduction, your first choice is TruSculpt 3D® which is a comfortable and versatile treatment using radiofrequency which is attracted to the fat. It can treat any skin colour. The treatment can take as little as 4 minutes. The fat is reduced on average by 24% per treatment and satisfying results are seen within 2-4 treatments and a few weeks. There is no down time or any significant after effects.
    Additionally, TruSculpt 3D can be used at the sides of the upper neck which is unique and more beneficial as compared with the injectable treatment which is limited to a small area under the chin.

We have late nights on Thursdays and are open on Saturdays to fit you in before the holidays, so there are no excuses!

Book now or call 09 486 0030 to reserve your appointments or to ask how we can help you.


Allow time for your prescriptions!

Allow time for your prescriptions!Please take a moment to check how many prescriptions and supplements you have left.

If there is only about 1/3 - 1/4 bottle left, now is a great time to get your new prescriptions underway.

Please plan ahead for your repeat prescriptions and/or supplements and get requests in early to reduce Christmas stress.

Order your hormones now for the next three months to cover the holiday period.

Please call us on 486 0030 or email us at


Advice For Long-Haul Travellers

Advice For Long-Haul TravellersThis article gives you some general advice with help for coping with a long trip that will help you 'hit the ground running' on the other side, as well as get adequate sleep, cope with jet lag and prevent you getting sick during your journey.

If you have time, an intravenous vitamin C drip can help with the stress of long-haul travel. Not only does vitamin C help with stress but it also may help to protect you from the infections circulating around the cabin.

Preparing for your trip by starting 100mg of aspirin daily from 2-3 days before you leave and continuing 2-3 days after you arrive may well help to prevent a blood clot in the calf. In addition to this, having yourself fitted for pressure stockings for your calves may well keep you comfortable because some people get leg cramp during the long-haul flight. In addition stockings prevent leg clot or deep vein thrombosis.

Before you go away, you may wish to ask your chemist to blister pack your pills into Medico packs so you don't have to take a jar of everything you take with you. This is not only convenient and very inexpensive but will be accepted as official by immigration.

Discuss with your doctor if you wish to take away with you an emergency pack of travel drugs for emergencies. These could include anti nausea, anti diarrhoea drugs and antibiotics etc.

Ask your doctor if you should have any vaccinations, or update old vaccinations like tetanus, especially if you are going to any exotic or third world locations. Remember that Australia and New Zealand are the only countries that do not have rabies.

Take a sleeping pill and melatonin with you and behave as if you are at your destination while on the flight. This may not be possible if you are taking off at night, in which case you will naturally wish to take your melatonin and a sleeping pill after having a meal and then go off to sleep. This will help shorten the journey for you as well as give you some rest.

If you are not used to taking sleeping pills, it is worth discussing this with your doctor and trialing the sleeping pill at home well before you go away so you know what dose to take. This is the same for melatonin because each person varies in the dose of melatonin that is right for them.

During the flight, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol because each glass of alcohol in the air is like two glasses on the ground.

Once arriving at your destination, if it is daytime, go outside and get some sunlight exposure to your brain which will suppress your melatonin levels and help reset your body clock. Go to bed as you normally would at night but for 3-5 nights you will need a sleeping pill and melatonin to reset your body clock after arrival. Adding Melatonin to the sleeping pills works better than using either alone. You will need to repeat this after returning home for 3-5 days.



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