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Early May 2019

Tone and Titan Special!! Get two treatments for the price of one!

Tone and Titan Special!!

Titan™ with Laser Genesis boost!
Be holiday ready with this amazing special..

At Skinfresh Clinic our Titan™ patients receive a Laser Genesis top up at no extra charge. (Valued at $500 per area)*

While Titan™ treats the deep skin layer to tighten skin and stimulate collagen production.

Laser Genesis™ treats the mid skin layer. Adding the extra Laser Genesis on top of Titan promotes more deep heating of the skin for potentially better results as well as reducing scarring, redness and pores.

Both of these treatments can be used on tanned and dark skins, are comfortable, and carry no down time. You can return to work straight away!

Treat face, neck or both! For best results book 2-4 treatments for each area.

Book with our nurse to see if your skin problem is suitable or phone 09 486 0030

*Strictly limited spaces available until end of May 2019


Neck Lift Protocol™

Neck Lift ProtocolHave you noticed how good peoples faces can look but their necks let them down? Either the neck is too plump, especially under the chin, or its too loose and wrinkly.

At Skinfresh we are uniquely placed to be able to deal with many neck problems - non-surgically, comfortably and for any skin type.

To increase collagen thickness and tighten neck skin, Skinfresh has the most non-surgical, walk in - walk out treatments available anywhere.

The secret is in combining selected treatment types to suit your unique situation. We have called this the NECK LIFT PROTOCOL™

Neck tightening and thickening with collagen and texture improvement

  • Titan® uses infrared light energy to heat the deep dermis beneath your skin, is a comfortable treatment with no down time. This thickens and tightens collagen.

  • Laser Genesis® is often added to Titan® to enhance the effect at the same treatment. Laser genesis works on the mid dermis and in addition to thickening collagen and tightening it, it helps pores, redness, texture problems.

  • Vampire Facial® Plus on the neck, especially when combined with Laser Genesis® gives very satisfying effects as both treatments enhance each other. The laser makes the platelets in the Vampire treatment work much better.

  • Dermal Filler treatment is an easy way to give immediate volume to the tissues. We use Calcium hydroxyl appatite which stimulates collagen production in the skin. This treatment lasts longer than other fillers.

  • Double Chin reduction
    For Double Chin reduction, your first choice is TruSculpt 3D® which is a comfortable and versatile treatment using radiofrequency which is attracted to the fat. It can treat any skin colour. The treatment can take as little as 4 minutes. The fat is reduced on average by 24% per treatment and satisfying results are seen within 2-4 treatments and a few weeks. There is no down time or any significant after effects.
    Additionally, TruSculpt 3D can be used at the sides of the upper neck which is unique and more beneficial as compared with the injectable treatment which is limited to a small area under the chin.
  • Not to be outdone, for those who prefer, we also have Belkyra® available.

Up to this point, all our treatments mentioned above can treat even the darkest skins, even with a suntan!

Plasma Surgical BT™ technology is well known as a treatment for under the eyes and for droopy eyelids. It can be used in many other applications including for the neck in lighter skins.

This is a walk in - walk out procedure performed under local anaesthetic. The plasma energy works to treat the skin in a very safe and precise manner to give immediate tightening. The tiny brown dots fall off in a few days.

Skinfresh has the most treatment options

If you survey other clinics, you may find 2-3 of the options above. But we have them all! We are most likely the most versatile clinic to be able to help you with the best combinations of neck treatments that can be specifically designed for your unique needs.

Book with one of our nurses for a no-obligation visit to find out what combination is best for you.

PH 09 486 0030 or book your consultation now


Laser Genesis

Want a better complexion but pain shy? Laser Genesis is the answer!

A truly remarkable technology-of-the-future that will quickly enable you to see amazing visual results no matter your age

  • Suitable for any skin type, even tanned or dark skin
  • Very comfortable
  • Walk in - walk out treatment with no down time
  • Treats redness, pores, wrinkles, much more
  • Increases collagen
  • Tightens skin
  • Even better when combined with other treatments
  • Zero Pain
  • Zero Drugs
  • Zero Surgery

    More about Laser Genesis

    Laser Genesis skin therapy is an innovative, technologically advanced way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in men and women. Now you can have a youthful appearance by treating those conditions that are typically associated with premature signs of aging and sun damage, such as excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture, and fine-line wrinkles.

    Laser Genesis also treats the deep redness that Intense Pulsed Light treatments do not reach.

    The Laser Genesis difference

    The Laser Genesis procedure uses non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine-line wrinkles, diffuse excessive redness and help manage large pores, uneven skin texture, and scars. You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation. Treatments can be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anesthetics or gel.

    How does Laser Genesis work?

    By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin's surface, Laser Genesis supports collagen re-growth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

    How many treatments will I need?

    The treatment results are often subtle. On average, you may require four to six treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Every patient's condition and needs vary. For more information about your expected results or the number of treatments necessary, consult our nurses here at the clinic.

    What are the possible side effects?

    Although most patients report few if any side effects, the most common is a slight redness that disappears within a few minutes to hours of treatment. It can be covered with makeup and you can go straight back to work. There is no down time.

    What kind of textural improvements can you expect with Laser Genesis skin therapy?

    Over the course of four to five treatments, Laser Genesis can help restore the skin's youthful glow and appearance by smoothing out uneven texture caused by aging, sun damage or scars. You will see a more even, healthy complexion as large pores are reduced in size, and minor imperfections are diminished. The individual treatment results are subtle, but the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.

    What other conditions does Laser Genesis therapy treat?

    Laser Genesis forms part of our treatment protocols for

    • Acne
    • Rosacea
    • Skin tightening
    • Burns and scar reduction
    • Red pigmentation
    • Stubborn pigmentation/ Melasma in darker skins
    • Wound healing
    • Bruising
    • Musculoskeletal problems

    Laser Genesis is ideal for dark skinned and Asian faces that cannot tolerate the pigmentation problems of Intense Pulsed light treatments, this technology is suitable for all skin types, and is very comfortable!

    CONTACT US to make a booking for Laser Genesis with one of our nurses for a no-obligation visit to discover the best treatments for your individual needs.

    Or you can call us today on 09 486 0030


    Product of the Month

    Active C Serum (pH 4.0 - 5.5)


    Product Description:

    Non irritating oil soluble form of vitamin C - pH neutral

    Ideal for the cosmetic management of:

    All skin types should use this
    Sensitive Skin


    Anti-Oxidant protection
    Lightening and Brightening
    Reduces Flushing

    Key Ingredients:

    • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (oil soluble Vitamin C). Excellent alternative to water soluble Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), pH neutral so less irritation
    • SYN-COLL - Collagen stimulating peptide complex (Winner of the Swiss Technology Award)
    • Syn-Ake - Peptide complex that refines lines and wrinkles
    • Pepha - Tight - Tightening action
    • Mixed Tocopherols 95% - Anti-Oxidant
    • Botanical Complex SCA - Anti-Oxidant
    • Botanical Complex LSCD - Anti-Inflammatory
    • Canadian Willowherb TM Extract - Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Oxidant
    • Wasabi Extract - Anti-Inflammatory


    1-metered dose applied under sunblock or on clean skin


    The Importance of Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid

    Vitamin C

    Everyone knows about Vitamin C. If you don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in your diet, you could get a Vitamin C deficiency and get Scurvy. Captain Cook didn’t know about Vitamin C at the time, but he discovered that giving his sailors cabbage and limes prevented the disease - that’s why they called Englishmen “Limeys”.

    Well, Scurvy exists today in our community. You may be surprised, but there are many people who can’t afford fresh fruit and vegetables, so they fill up on bread and potatoes and inexpensive foods. As a result, they may find themselves getting symptoms like bleeding gums, red dots on the skin that don’t go away (doctors call them petechiae), wounds that don’t heal or break down.

    In addition to not getting enough from food, humans, gorillas, fruit bats and guinea pigs can’t make their own Vitamin C in response to stress like other animals can - I bet you didn’t know that!

    These days we are all more stressed. There is probably a case to be made for a regular dose of vitamin C, especially during times of stress like overwork, illness, surgery etc. You see, animals like chimpanzees make up to 9000mg Vitamin C in response to stress and a dog can make up to 12,000mg!

    I think a normal dose for an adult with a busy life may be around 1000mg. If you are quite stressed, perhaps up to 3000mg. But if you are really sick, you might need 6000mg. Watch out because too much will give you runny bowels.

    Below is a list of all the things vitamin C is important for.

    Main actions and functions

    • Prevent scurvy
    • Antioxidant and free radical scavenger
    • Protests other antioxidants- Vitamins E,A,Essential Fatty acids -Omega 3
    • Helps absorption of iron
    • Stimulates the immune system
    • Production of Collagen, Neurotransmitters, corticosteroids, Carnitine
    • Formation of Tyrosine which is a precursor to Dopamine neurotransmitter and thyroid hormone
    • Bone formation
    • Wound healing
    • Hydroxylation of proline, tryptophan therefore helps in collagen production
    • Metabolism of cholesterol
    • Energy release from Fatty deposits
    • Modulation of iron and copper absorption and prevents their oxidation
    • Reduction of nitrosamine formation in the stomach - helps prevent cancer
    • Formation of thyroid hormone
    • Antihistamine
    • Immunoglobulin synthesis
    • Cell mediated immunity
    • Activation of folic to folinic acid
    • Anti cancer effects
    • Synthesis of interferon
    • An anti-carcinogenic effect
    • A selective cytotoxic (cancer killing) effect.

    The dose of vitamin C found in research to prevent the common cold and reduce its severity is 200-2000mg taken daily.


    Braun, L., & Cohen, M.  Herbs & Natural Supplements. An evidence based guide, 3rd Edition. Churchhill Livingstone: Australia.

    Douglas, R. M., Hemila, H., D'Souza, R., Chalker, E. B., Treacy, B. (2004). Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 4, Art. No.: CD000980.pub2. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD000980.pub2.

    Hromek, K. (2010). Injectable nutrients, 1st Edition. KAM Publishing: Australia.

    Van Straten, M., Josling, P. (2002). Preventing the Common Coldwith a Vitamin C Supplement: A double-blind, placebo-controlled survey. Advances in Therapy, 19(3), 151-159.

    Download this Article

    The Importance of Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acide The Importance of Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acide PDF (422KB)



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