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July 2015

Titan™ with Laser Genesis boost!

At Skinfresh Clinic our Titan™ patients receive a Laser Genesis top up at no extra charge. (Valued at $500)*

While Titan treats the deep skin layer to tighten skin and stimulate collagen production.

Laser Genesis treats the mid skin layer. Adding the extra Laser Genesis on top of Titan promotes more deep heating of the skin for potentially better results.

Both of these treatments can be used on tanned and dark skins, are comfortable, and carry no down time. You can return to work straight away!

Book with our nurse to see if your skin problem is suitable.

*Limited spaces available. Nurse consultation must be had during July.


Combo treatments perform better

There are a raft of technologies available at Skinfresh Clinic that have transformed the cosmetic industry – and our clients!

At Skinfresh Clinic, we cater for clients that want results without significant down-time, discomfort or cost. You want to be able to just walk in and walk out after a treatment and get results. Not only that, but many of our treatments can give results on any skin type, even very dark and tanned skin!

Before committing to a course of treatments, you want to know that you are not wasting your time or money. At Skinfresh Clinic we now have a detailed skin analysis system. Visia™ which is the gold standard skin analysis system in the world and is used in scientific studies internationally to accurately assess skin treatment results. Now you can tell if the treatment has worked – for sure!

Titan is a state of the art treatment that tightens faces, jowls, necks, tummies and even arms and sagging knees!  This treatment is comfortable, with no downtime.

Laser Genesis for many, feels like lying in the sunshine and relaxing. It works on redness, pores, scars, deep wrinkles, acne and skin laxity that is completely comfortable and requires absolutely no downtime – you return to work straight away! Imagine a treatment that does all of the above and leaves you feeling relaxed!

Dysport, the UK brand of Botulinum Toxin, is a simple effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles that creates a youthful relaxed appearance. In a recent international study, Dysport lasted longer for crows feet than the other brand.

Platelet rich plasma is a relatively new technology that we have had in the clinic for five years.  The activated platelets release growth factors that grow anything that is deficient in the skin, including collagen and blood vessels.  This may well be helpful in ultimately hydrating the skin because of the increase in collagen.

Now you can combine this with Dermapen or you can have Dermapen alone. This treatment is mostly comfortable. It is great for texture, pores, tightening and is a great combination mate with other treatments to enhance results. It leaves the skin pink for a day, but can be easily covered with make up.

Combinations give potential for enhanced results over fewer treatments in total. At Skinfresh Clinic, we know that results can be enhanced by combining treatments – better than using one treatment type alone.

Examples are …

  • Titan plus laser genesis may increase tightening and collagen production.
  • Laser Genesis plus Limelight IPL (Photofacial) can improve Acne, redness and Rosacea in fewer treatments.

Results may vary.


Weight Loss Myths

What is the real truth about weight loss?

Below are some myths:

Small changes in food intake and/or exercise will produce large, long term weight changes.
This idea was based on the old idea that 3500 kcal equals 1 pound of weight. But it does not take into account the fact that energy requirements change as body mass changes over time. So, as weight is lost, it takes increasingly more exercise and reduced intake to perpetuate the loss.

Realistic weight-loss goals will keep people motivated.
This idea seems reasonable, but it is not supported by evidence. In fact, several studies have shown that people with very ambitious goals lose more weight (eg, TV's The Biggest Loser).

Slow, gradual weight loss is best for long-term success.
Actually, rapid weight loss via very-low-calorie diets resulted in significantly more weight loss (16% vs 10% of body weight) at 6 months, and differences in weight loss persisted up to 18 months (Int J Behav Med. 2010;17:161-167).

A bout of sexual activity burns 100 to 300 kcal per person.
With intense sexual activity, a 154-pound man burns approximately 3.5 kcal per minute. However, given that the average amount of time spent during one stimulation and orgasm session is about 6 minutes, this man might expend about 21 kcal total. But, he would burn about 7 kcal just lying on the couch, so that amount has to be subtracted, which gives a grand total of 14 kcals of energy expended.

Eating breakfast prevents obesity.
Actually, 2 studies showed no effect of eating vs skipping breakfast.

Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet results in weight loss.
Adding more calories of any type without making any other changes is likely to cause weight gain. Eating fruits and vegetables is healthful, however.

Weight cycling, aka "yoyo dieting," increases mortality.
The data are from observational studies and likely confounded by health status.

Facts about obesity and weight loss that are supported by data:

  • Moderate environmental changes can promote as much weight loss as even the best weight-loss drugs.
  • Diets do produce weight loss, but attempting to diet and telling someone to diet are not necessarily the same thing.
  • Physical activity does help in promoting weight loss and has health benefits even in the absence of weight loss.
  • For overweight children, involving the family and home environment in weight-loss efforts is ideal.
  • Providing actual meals or meal replacements works better for weight loss than does general advice about food choices.
  • Both weight-loss drugs and bariatric surgery can help achieve long-term weight loss in some individuals.



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