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December 2016

Merry Christmas from Skinfresh Clinic

Merry Xmas from Skinfresh ClinicThe Skinfresh Clinic staff and Dr Pitsilis would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday period.


Last minute December treatments

There are still some last minute treatments you can have to give great results for the holidays.

Dysport - quick walk-in, walk-out treatment that starts working in 3-4 days and is working well by 10-14 days. Use this wrinkle treatment to quiet down your frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet.

Dermal fillers give instant results at the treatment. Most treatments carry with them perhaps some swelling for a couple of days. With the techniques we use, there are very few bruises, however, if a bruise does arise we can reduce it with our gentle laser. A top up at 6-9 months gives a longer lasting result.

Prowave 770® Hair removal - one good clean up treatment can get you far for the summer holidays.

Vampire facelift® - there will be an immediate lift, followed by more progress over a few weeks. Mostly suited to those who only need a subtle lift.

Vampire facial® - for a quick softening of complexion using your own platelet rich plasma and needling. This treatment does best if followed by two more treatments and a 6-12 monthly booster.

Vampire Breast lift® - this uses dermal filler and platelet rich plasma to improve the upper contours of the breasts. It is not a substitute for surgery, but will improve as the holiday weeks go by to improve the cleavage. A booster at 3 months helps further.

Other treatments need the investment of several treatments over time to get great results - something to consider getting started into the New Year for those special events.

Vampire procedures

There has already been much interest in our Vampire procedures. Have another look at the Vampire links in the website - there are now videos you can view.

Check periodically as we update with more videos.

Don't forget to pack your Skin Care suitcase

All your skin care needs in one bag.

The Aspect Starter Kit includes:

  • Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Exfol A Serum (AHA and Vit A exfoliating complex)
  • Active C Serum
  • Resveratrol Moisturising Cream (with resveratrol and amino peptide complex).

They synergistically work together to keep your skin looking its best.


Holiday closing hours

We will be closing for Christmas at 5pm on 23th December and will reopen on 9th January 2017. Dr Pitsilis will be away until Wednesday 18th January.

Prescriptions and Supplements

Please plan ahead for your repeat prescriptions and/or supplements and get requests in early. Order your hormones/supplements now for the next three months to cover this period. Our compounding pharmacist that produces all the hormones closes at Xmas and doesn't reopen until mid January. When they re-open they are typically already behind in their orders and this will cause large delays for your hormone prescriptions. Stock up to get you through to the end of February to avoid stress.


Xmas sanity tips

The Christmas shops have already opened, and you think XMAS is still a fair way away, but from now on, time to get organized for the festive season seems to slip away fast.

Labour weekend is when some traditionally make the XMAS pudding. For some reason, this time point seems to be the starting line, and the race finishes at XMAS.

My experience over the years shows that the two major times for burn out and depression are towards the end of the winter, and just before XMAS.

The reasons for increased stress before XMAS are:

  • Increased load on top of an already loaded, complex lifestyle - get presents, organize holidays, organize family reunions, send cards, get everything don, etc.
  • Business deadlines. Many businesses close for a few days, but some for three to four weeks - there are often deadlines for projects to be finished before the holidays.
  • Some desire their personal projects to be finished by the holidays e.g. You want your dream kitchen finished for Xmas.
  • Many leave things to the last minute - more stressful deadlines.
  • Pre-XMAS parties - the 'work do' you can't avoid. All the others. Too much alcohol and food.

Most people do prepare for a XMAS that nevertheless, is not looked forward to:

  • Dealing with people you would rather not deal with e.g. ex-spouses, in-laws, cousin Joe who you can't stand, etc.
  • It's at your place this year - you are exhausted, and still need to put the dinner on for 20 with all the trimmings.
  • Then there are all the other relatives you need to visit because they will be offended if you don't.

In summary, it's:

  • Lack of control
  • Overload upon overload
  • Deadlines
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Increased food and alcohol.

Which leads to:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Depressed mood (which can masquerade as pain)
  • Anxiety - irritability, 'short fuse'
  • Reduced motivation
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Not coping well - can't concentrate, poor memory, can't make decisions, can't organize yourself.

THEN EVERYTHING GETS WORSE... and you end up doing the wrong thing...

Advice to avoid these problems includes:

  1. Plan for XMAS now - get an early start on your work and domestic preparations. Make a simple plan then set it in motion.
  2. Establish priorities - work out what is important and what is not.
    • At home - you and your family come first. Unimportant things for strangers are the lowest and can be scratched.
    • At work - do some forward planning to prevent last minute panic. Get your time management sorted. Organise interruption - free work time each day so you can get things done.
    • Learn to say 'No'. Have some polite refusals ready e.g. “I have too many projects on at present” or “it doesn't fit with my schedule” etc.
  3. Work smarter not harder.
    • Get rid of daily hassles - delegate more, accept mediocrity in some areas that are not important e.g. if a working woman, get a housekeeper.
  4. Get enough sleep, at the right time - be in bed and asleep by 10.30pm
  5. To cope with parties, alcohol and food here are a few tips:
    • Don't starve yourself before a party
    • Eat before you go to a Party e.g. nuts, light snack - reduces eating/drinking wrong stuff.

XMAS roast is great for weight loss

  • Eat kumara instead of potato
  • No gravy
  • Apple sauce made without sugar
  • Cherries - strong antioxidants
  • Nuts - lower cholesterol, source of healthy fatty acids.

And most of all... Good Luck!

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