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Early April 2019


THE TRIPLE TREATHarness the power of Combination therapies with the TRIPLE TREAT - the ultimate skin tightening and rejuvenation package.

These days everyone wants the best results quickly with no down time or discomfort.

We can actually design this for you now because 1+1=3 when it comes to combining more than one treatment to work on the skin.

Skinfresh has created the Triple Treat Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation packageT to give you what you have always wanted.

The ultimate tightening and collagen-producing package along with pigment reduction with 3 combination treatments for any skin type!

The Triple Treat consists of:

  1. Titan®
  2. Laser Genesis
  3. Vampire® facial plus... all on the same day.

Benefits of the Triple Treat Package:

  • Skin tightening and collagen production most boosted by all 3 treatments
  • Skin texture is also highly enhanced
  • Brown and red pigment is improved
  • Any skin type including the darkest skins
  • Affordability - receive 3 treatments for a package price
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Walk in - walk out procedure and return to work immediately with makeup
  • Improvement in confidence and overall appearance

The best situations to use the Triple Treat package are when:

  • Skin texture and tightening are a major issue
  • Comfortable treatments with very little down time are important
  • Results required in medium term with long term benefits to come also

Who should not have this done:

  • None of these treatments work well with smokers or those who are run down, unwell, or stressed as they rely on internal health being great.
  • Titan® does not work well on those who have sun damaged skin. If this is you, only have Laser Genesis + Vampire® Facial plus which will still work well.
  • Patient selection for this treatment is important so check with one of our nurses.

What is involved:


  • The suggested treatment programme starts mid morning and finishes mid afternoon including a lunch break. Avoids peak traffic. Arrive mid morning and have your Titan® plus Laser Genesis performed. Have a lunch break, and return to have your Vampire® Facial plus
  • However, you can start any time of the day, as long as you have a break before your Vampire® Facial plus

Features of the treatments

  • Titan® and Laser Genesis - carry absolutely no down time.
  • Vampire® facial plus - skin is pink overnight, but can be covered with make up for the evening outing. Normal make up the next day.

Number of treatments and maintenance

  • Number of triple treat treatments needed - 2-4 with the average being 3.
  • Maintenance - yearly Triple Treat + Laser Genesis 6 monthly in between.


  • Triple Treat Face or Neck / some chest is $1995
  • Pay for 2 packages and get a further 10% discount on them
  • Pay for 3 packages and get a further 20% discount on the lot

Potential Results

  • Results can be seen at 4-6 weeks or earlier.
  • Long-term results start to improve from the first visit and may keep improving for several months.

Other benefits

  • Laser Genesis also helps with redness
  • Vampire Facial plus also helps with red and brown pigmentation
  • Receive internal health advice from our nurses to further enhance your skin results.

This combination is the ultimate in benefits with virtually no pain and minimal down time.

See our Cosmetic Specialist nurses for a no obligation skin analysis and advice. Ph. 09 4860030


Kissable Lips™

Kissable Lips

Dermal Filler Lip enhancement for only $395*

*Special conditions apply

Now anyone can have lip enhancement before that special event, or just because!

An innovation by Skinfresh for those who don't want or need anything else apart from their lips done. This is a permanent standard price.

A no-obligation consultation is a must before treatment so we can advise of important details and check you are suitable. If you go ahead with the treatment at your next visit, the initial consultation fee is deducted from the cost of the treatment.

For more information call us and make your appointment on 09 486 0030

*All the same precautions apply... you must be in good health and work with us to make this a great treatment.


Book Now for pre-holiday slimming with TruSculpt 3D®

TruSculpt 3D

Skinfresh is the first clinic in Australasia to bring you this revolutionary, safe and effective fat reduction technology. There is no pain or down time. Each standard area takes 30 minutes to treat, so it's fast too!

Dr Pitsilis is of the opinion that this is the best technology for painless, quick fat reduction anywhere.

Trusculpt 3D® is able to reduce the fat layer by an average of 24% - permanently.

Trusculpt 3D® is not a treatment for obesity. The best way to check is for you to make a no-obligation appointment to see one of our nurses.

All skin types and colours can be safely treated.

Standard areas are - abdomen, flanks, arm fat (bingo wings), bra fat, inner thighs, above knees - each takes 30 minutes to treat. So abdomen and flanks take an hour. There is no down time afterwards.We also do double chins (4 minutes only).

Typically, body results are seen after one treatment. Some patients may choose to have more treatments after that. You can have several areas treated in one session. Have more than one area treated in the same session and the price reduces.

Results start to be seen at 6-8 weeks as the body's lymphatics dispose of the dead fat cells. Improvement will be at maximum at 12 weeks. You can view the website here

You can find out whether this treatment is suitable for you by booking a no-obligation consultation with one of our nurses. Phone 09 486 0030 or email


The Skinfresh Difference

Why should you consider Skinfresh Clinic as your appearance medicine clinic? Why would it be any different to any other skincare or beauty establishment?

Here are some questions you should ask when enquiring about cosmetic services.

Who owns and runs this clinic and what standards are they bound by?

Skinfresh Clinic is owned and run by Dr Frances Pitsilis. She has training in all the treatments given in the clinic and oversees her nurses who also have extensive training.

Dr Pitsilis is an experienced medical researcher, has written for the beauty industry and also lectures here in New Zealand and overseas. She is qualified in Anti-ageing and Regenerative medicine as well as nutrition and bioidentical hormones.

Dr Pitsilis answers to the New Zealand Medical council's Medical Ethics and standards.

Who will treat me and what are their standards?

Skinfresh Clinic nurses are cosmetic nurse specialists that are fully trained in all the procedures they undertake. They answer to the standards of the New Zealand Nursing Council.

What training have the therapists received?

It is possible in New Zealand for anyone to buy a machine and treat people without training. Skinfresh Clinic has a doctor and two nurses who have been trained in the procedures they perform.What safety measures are taken?

Skinfresh Clinic has numerous strict measures that it takes to protect its clients. These range from privacy measures, to regular safety checking of machinery, to sterilization measures of all equipment. We regularly update our training.

What come back do I have if there is a problem?

There is no come back if the person who treated you isn't a doctor or nurse. You cannot complain to anyone, but you can get some help from ACC.

Dr Pitsilis and her nurses have strict rules of professional conduct, ongoing training and professional behaviour.

Should there be a complaint, we would take it seriously, bend over backwards and take whatever action is necessary to remedy the situation, plus more, and keep you informed throughout the whole process.

We are your first advocate and supporter. There have been times when we have had to correct and treat problems that have occurred elsewhere.

Do you take a holistic approach?

Skinfresh Clinic is interested in your diet, lifestyle and internal health because it affects your skin as well. We often perform blood tests as part of our general assessment for your skin.

We have regularly picked up numerous nutritional deficiencies and undiagnosed medical conditions in our clients who have vigorously thanked us. We believe we are the only medical appearance clinic that takes this approach.

We also pick up hormonal imbalances and can treat them if this is desired. This makes us different from other medical appearance clinics.

We will advise if a treatment should not be undertaken in certain situations because of smoking, illness, stress and deficiency and we like to correct these before treating a client.

Is there any "hard sell"?

Strictly not at Skinfresh Clinic. There are no sales quotas here.

We know that for you to develop a trusting relationship with us. We need to give you information about what we can do for you and allow you to decide for yourself. We want you to come back and recommend your friends!

Do you really have my best interests at heart?

Absolutely Yes! We are aware of ourselves as medical professionals and the duty of trust and care we have to our patients. There are times when we will gently refuse to treat someone with a particular treatment because we know they are either not ready for it, not suited to it, too young to understand the implications of it, or because the treatment will not work.

We aim to build such strong long term trusting relationships with our clients that they will keep returning and also refer their friends to us!

Why don't you advertise Botulinum Toxin (Dysport®) or Fillers (Restylane®) as specials?

The Medical Council of New Zealand does not allow medical clinics to advertise specials. This does not mean that we won't go the extra mile to look after all our clients.

We have competitive rates on these products and go the extra mile to consult and give information. An example is - our new patient Dysport consultation is an hour long!

In the Cosmetic marketplace you must always examine what is on offer and decide for yourself


Melatonin - the vampire hormone

Melatonin is made by the body from the Tryptophan molecule which is an amino acid that you get from protein foods in the diet. It is natural. In the past, it was thought that melatonin was only made by the pineal gland (which sits in the centre of the brain) in response to darkness. But it is now known that it is also made in other parts of the body.

As a person ages, melatonin production falls. Supplementing it for certain people may be beneficial and it is safe.

It induces sleep, shortens the time it takes to fall asleep, and aids a faster onset of deep sleep (slow wave sleep) and REM sleep. Furthermore, melatonin relaxes the muscles and nerves by stimulating the parasympathic (relaxing) system. This facilitates sleep, improves sleep quality and enhances recovery. You wake up having had a good night sleep.

Shift workers, those that are sleep deprived and those with jet lag are melatonin deprived and so have many symptoms that include fatigue and poor ability to function. This is where taking melatonin can be useful.

Melatonin benefits

  • Antioxidant / free radical scavenger
  • Protects DNA, proteins and lipids (fats) from injury
  • Anti-inflammatory - similar to anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Protects against radiation
  • Decreases damage from beta amyloid which is increased in Alzheimers disease
  • Reduces cancer growth and spread
  • Increases natural killers cells which fight viruses and cancer
  • Activates immune messengers called cytokines favourably
  • Extends life by lengthening telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) that would normally shorten with age
  • Reduces abdominal fat and controls insulin - this helps to prevent obesity and diabetes
  • Helps in wound healing and prevents scar formation
  • Protects against brain injury - including traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury and brain injuries that involve initial lack of oxygen where it causes follow on damage to cells
  • Helps irritable bowel, acid reflux and protects the stomach from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Helps migraine, depression, anxiety
  • Protects the heart against injury
  • Helps stressed and anxious people sleep.

Dose of Melatonin

The doses used in research have been up to 700mg. The doses used for cancer patients have been up to 50mg /day
The suggested dose is 0.5- 1mg, taken 30-60 minutes before bed. Increase by 0.5- 1 mg every 2-3 days until the person can get off to sleep, and wakes refreshed.
Most patients find that they need between 1-6mg to get a good sleep. This is available on prescription and is generally very safe.
If the person wakes drowsy, take earlier before bed, or reduce the dose.
A minority of people have no effect or experience vivid dreams. For vivid dreams - reduce the dose and persevere for up to 3 weeks with it, and it should resolve.


  • Whereas Melatonin is safe to use concurrently with all antidepressants, some patients who are very depressed may become more depressed. In these patients, go slowly with dose increases.
  • Alcohol and non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs lower melatonin levels.

Download this Article

Melatonin - the vampire hormone Melatonin - The Vampire Hormone PDF (188KB)



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