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Neck Lift Protocol

Neck Lift Protocol

Have you noticed how good peoples faces can look but their necks let them down? Either the neck is too plump, especially under the chin, or its too loose and wrinkly.

At Skinfresh we are uniquely placed to be able to deal with many neck problems - non-surgically, comfortably and for any skin type.

To increase collagen thickness and tighten neck skin, Skinfresh has the most non-surgical, walk in - walk out treatments available anywhere.

The secret is in combining selected treatment types to suit your unique situation. We have called this the NECK LIFT PROTOCOL™

Neck tightening and thickening with collagen and texture improvement

  • Titan® uses infrared light energy to heat the deep dermis beneath your skin, is a comfortable treatment with no down time. This thickens and tightens collagen.
  • Laser Genesis® is often added to Titan® to enhance the effect at the same treatment. Laser genesis works on the mid dermis and in addition to thickening collagen and tightening it, it helps pores, redness, texture problems.
  • Vampire FacialŪ Plus on the neck, especially when combined with Laser GenesisŪ gives very satisfying effects as both treatments enhance each other. The laser makes the platelets in the Vampire treatment work much better.
  • Dermal Filler treatment is an easy way to give immediate volume to the tissues. We use Calcium hydroxyl appatite which stimulates collagen production in the skin. This treatment lasts longer than other fillers.
  • Double Chin reduction
    For Double Chin reduction, your first choice is TruSculpt 3D® which is a comfortable and versatile treatment using radiofrequency which is attracted to the fat. It can treat any skin colour. The treatment can take as little as 4 minutes. The fat is reduced on average by 24% per treatment and satisfying results are seen within 2-4 treatments and a few weeks. There is no down time or any significant after effects.
    Additionally, TruSculpt 3D can be used at the sides of the upper neck which is unique and more beneficial as compared with the injectable treatment which is limited to a small area under the chin.
  • Not to be outdone, for those who prefer, we also have Belkyra® available.

Up to this point, all our treatments mentioned above can treat even the darkest skins, even with a suntan!

Plasma Surgical BT™ technology is well known as a treatment for under the eyes and for droopy eyelids. It can be used in many other applications including for the neck in lighter skins.

This is a walk in - walk out procedure performed under local anaesthetic. The plasma energy works to treat the skin in a very safe and precise manner to give immediate tightening. The tiny brown dots fall off in a few days.

Skinfresh has the most treatment options

If you survey other clinics, you may find 2-3 of the options above. But we have them all! We are most likely the most versatile clinic to be able to help you with the best combinations of neck treatments that can be specifically designed for your unique needs.

Book with one of our nurses for a no-obligation visit to find out what combination is best for you.

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