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Melasma - Stubborn Pigmentation

Facial pigment and brown blotches, often called Melasma, can be a psychologically distressing condition that is influenced by many factors including genetic, health, medications and environmental factors.

What is Melasma?

Melasma involves irregular brown, or greyish brown facial pigmentation, more commonly affecting women. It is related to melanin production by melanocytes (pigment producing cells) within keratinocytes (skin cells). It is often difficult to treat, particularly if there is a deep dermal component and it tends to relapse.

This is why developing a good health and skin management programme is a must.

How common is Melasma?

Melasma is very common. 50-70% of pregnant women develop it during the second or third trimester. Up to 29% of women on the contraceptive pill develop it. Asian women have a 40% prevalence of melasma and their male counterparts have a 20% prevalence.

What about underlying medical problems?

It is important not to miss an underlying medical problem, and you need to prevent your own melasma problem worsening at your own hands. This is why you need professional help and tips from us here at Skinfresh where we work on internal health as well as your skin. Internal causes of increased pigmentation can involve abnormal hormone conditions.

Drug induced pigmentation can account for 10-20% of new cases of pigmentation.

At Skinfresh clinic, we are unique and have detailed knowledge about how internal health influences pigmentation

What can I expect?

You need to be prepared for realistic expectations about this condition.

Melasma develops slowly and symmetrically and can last for many years with worsening in the summer and improvement in the winter. Factors that contribute and aggravate this condition include a significant family history and sun aggravation.

What are the goals of treatment?

The ultimate goal is to reduce the area affected, improve the cosmetic defect, reduce any recurrence, and keep side effects of treatment to a minimum. Combination therapies work best.

What are the treatment principles?

Principles of therapy are as follows:

  1. Assess the situation with Computerized Skin analysis photography and software - Visia® - only then do we really know what we are treating.
  2. It is important to emphasise that this condition needs to be managed and often cannot be cured. Be prepared to undertake a programme that has been designed specifically for you in the clinic that will improve and then maintain your skin.
  3. Deal with any internal health issues like stress, hormone problems, etc. This may require a medical consultation.

At Skinfresh clinic, we are unique and have detailed knowledge about how internal health influences pigmentation

  1. Avoid inflammation by not irritating or inflaming the skin, either yourself by picking or by any practises that you are using, like scrubbing, using perfumes etc.
  2. Broad spectrum UV light protection that is reapplied more than once during the day.
  3. Antioxidant therapy that can be in skincare and even oral antioxidants can be prescribed by us in a unique way.
  4. Reduce pigment production by the skin by using special creams.
  5. Add other creams, that help with pigment management.
  6. Disrupt and remove melanin granules – we use treatments for all skin types, some of them involve no down time or discomfort.

What are the treatments?

Laser Genesis® is a gentle, non ablative (non destructive) single laser wavelength at 1064nm that reaches the epidermis and mid dermis. Its target is red pigment. It can be used on dark skins without problems. It eradicates any deep redness that contributes to the discolouration of melasma, which is actually found in 40-60% of people. We will know if there is any red pigment behind the brown blotches by using Visia®

There is no discomfort or down time. It also reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen and enhances the immune system of cells. It works even better when combined with other treatments.

Combination therapies work best.

Dermapen® is a revolutionary, safe and gentle way to disrupt pigment in the skin. We have new protocols that will help with pigmentation along with increasing collagen, reducing pores and redness and with some skin tightening. Combining this with Laser Genesis® works very well.

Platelet rich plasma can also be helpful in the treatment of resistant pigmentation when used in combination with Dermapen® and Laser Genesis® . In addition, while using your own blood, you also get skin collagen increase, skin tightening and reduction of pores and much more.

Limelight® (IPL) for melasma. The wavelength of this light therapy ranges from 500-1200nm and it can be used for red and brown discoloration of lighter skins, collagen production and hair removal on different settings. IPL can treat:

  1. Diffuse superficial redness.
  2. Rosacea.
  3. Poikiloderma which is mixed red and brown discoloration, often on the neck and chest of sun damaged people.
  4. Facial veins.
  5. Brown blotches.
  6. Sun damage and photo ageing.
  7. Acne and very fine wrinkles.

Note: IPL will not treat deep melasma and is not safe in skins darker than olive coloured. Pre-treatment preparation is very important to prevent post treatment under or over pigmentation, especially in olive skins.

What about treatments for darker skins?

We specialize in treating Melasma in darker skins! Most of the treatments mentioned here are colour blind and will work well on darker skins.

What about treatments in other clinics?

Fractionated Laser requires time management and carries with it some down time. Several treatments are needed without addressing the root causes of your pigmentation, and it may not be suitable in darker skins.

Only Skinfresh knows how to address your internal health causes of Melasma and stubborn pigmentation

In summary, correct diagnosis of whether you have melasma or some internal or other condition is important. When you manage melasma optimally with Skinfresh, you gain satisfying long term control of your condition. An appointment with one of our nurses will start your on your journey towards controlling this problem

CONTACT US to make a booking with one of our nurses for a no-obligation visit to discover the power of combination treatments and internal health management for Melasma and stubborn pigmentation.

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