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The Male P-Shot procedure addresses the problems of:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Enhancement and maintenance Erectile function
  3. Improvement and prevention of Erectile Dysfunction
  4. Peyronies disease - the penis is bent when erect

The common problem of Erectile Dysfunction increases with age. At age 45 years, 50 % of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and it worsens from there, worsening with added disease and drugs.

This is a serious problem that inevitably affects the confidence and self esteem of men.

Other factors that affect erectile function can include:

    Drugs eg Beta blockers
  • Diseases that affect the blood vessels of the penis e.g. Heart disease, vascular disease, hypertension, diabetes
  • Prostate problems
  • Bladder and colorectal cancers

The Male P-Shot® procedure involves:-

  1. Numbing cream is applied to the penis
  2. Two teaspoons of blood is drawn
  3. Your own activated Platelet Rich Plasma is produced, full of growth factors.
  4. Your PRP is injected into the penis using a tiny needle into the numbed penis in a way that distributes the growth factors in a proper way. (five tiny injections)

If you have half an hour to listen to Dr Runels, the inventor of the P-shot, you will find it quite interesting. He discusses how he got started, the research and discusses the research of Dr Virag, an international sexologist who has used Platelet rich plasma to improve function in men with erectile dysfunction as well as Peyronies disease.

Dr Pitsilis accredited with Dr Runels to perform this procedure, and because she is trained in regenerative medicine and hormones, she is able to correct hormone imbalances that may contribute to these problems. She can use her ultrasound to identify plaque if needed for Peyronies disease treatment.

Questions and Answers about the Male P-Shot® procedure

Q. How does the procedure work?

A. The Platelet Rich Plasma contains growth factors that stimulate tissue healing and growth. PRP stimulates improvement of the penile blood vessels and other tissues in the penis. PRP also stimulates the local tissue stem cells which are activated to rejuvenate and restore the tissues as well. The overall result are penile tissues restored to a more youthful state.

Q. What is the usual response to the P-Shot® injection?

A. The initial increase in volume often observed is due to the actual volume of PRP and any volume of growth factors and any water associated with them.

Over the next few days some of the water is absorbed by the body. After that, there is growth of new penile tissue over the next few weeks that increases the volume to a level close to what it was with the initial injection. Some men have some, but less growth. Results are variable.

Smokers have the least growth and the least response.

Q. How many treatments do I need?

A. There is one treatment. It may be repeated within a few months for a boost if desired.

Q. How effective is it?

A. Over 90% of men have an immediate and then a long lasting result. Around 20% notice and increase in girth and length.

Q. How much growth can I expect?

A. In some men, there is to 20% increase in length and girth. Girth seems to occur first, then length with continued growth. It is not yet known if a second injection at 4-8 weeks will cause another growth spurt.

Q. Where are the injections placed?

A. Directly into the corpus cavernosum (along the side of the penis) with a very small needle - remember the penis is numbed. Also into the numbed head of penis.

Q. Is there a risk of scar tissue forming?

A. This is more likely with the multiple injections of drugs used for erectile dysfunction. In this case, the injections are very infrequent and the risk is virtually non existent. There has been no scar tissue seen with injections of PRP to the face.

Q. Can I react to this injection?

A. No. PRP has been administered to patients for decades within many medical disciplines from dentistry to orthopaedic, to musculoskeletal treatments and it has never been found that a person has reacted to their own cells within the PRP.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. The procedure is quite brief, and the penis is numbed with cream. It's a very small needle. The pain is very minimal.

If you are nervous about the procedure, we can easily perform it under mild oral sedation +/- gas with virtually no discomfort.

Results associated with P-Shot® procedure may include a general rejuvenation of the penis. It improves the blood vessels (microcirculation) and tissues of the penis.

The penis may, in some, grow in girth and length (erect and non- erect) with time, as well as become firmer during erections.

There may be improvement in Penile Sensation and Sensitivity, Erectile Firmness, Quality and Stamina and Orgasmic Quality.

May help other therapies work better eg Viagra®

There will also be straightening of a bent penis.

Results may vary.

This treatment can also be seen as a maintenance treatment for healthy erectile function so that with ageing, the erectile tissues and blood vessels can be maintained rather than diminished.

This treatment may prevent Erectile Dysfunction with age, disease and drugs.

Exclusively at Skinfresh, we combine this treatment with specific penile rejuvenation medication that will help maintain erectile function with age.

Additionally, Dr Frances Pitsilis who is qualified and experienced in hormonal and nutritional medicine, can help with any drug induced erectile problems and safely correct any hormone and nutritional deficiencies that can help penile health as well as general health.

At Skinfresh, we specialize in helping internal health first , and along with other therapies to optimize your results.

CONTACT US to make a booking for a confidential consultation with Dr Frances Pitsilis to discover how the Male P-Shot® procedure may help you.

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Male P-Shot Procedure
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