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The Female O-Shot procedure addresses the common problems of:

  1. Bladder incontinence
  2. Dry vaginal tissues and poor lubrication
  3. Painful sexual intercourse
  4. Poor sexual desire and sexual response
  5. Lichen sclerosis - a skin condition of the vulva and vagina

The Female O-Shot Procedure involves :

  1. Drawing your own blood to produce your own Platelet rich Plasma.
  2. Specialized injection by Dr Pitsilis into specific areas of the upper vagina and peri-clitoral area.

Results from the Female O-Shot Procedure can be variable and may include the following:

- Improved vaginal tissue quality and lubrication along with improved bladder continence. This may lead to elimination of painful sexual intercourse.

- Improved libido, sexual arousal and response with potential for increased sexual sensitivity, easier and stronger orgasms as well as multiple orgasms.

- The achievement and quality of orgasm may improve.

O-Shot® result checklist :

  • Desire
  • Lubrication
  • Comfortable
  • Sensitivity
  • Orgasm ease and strength

Here is a short video by Dr Charles Runels, the inventor of the O-Shot®, about the disabling condition of Lichen Sclerosis. Dr Frances Pitsilis is interested in this condition, which women may have, but not be aware of.

The study mentioned in the video has been completed. You don't need to send any money. It found promising evidence that Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is helpful. Dr Frances Pitsilis is an accredited and trained member of this group and is helping to fund ongoing research. When she performs the O-Shot® or P-Shot® in the clinic, she invites patients to become part of the research, although its not obligatory.

Exclusively as Skinfresh, clients can also receive safe, research-based hormone balancing and nutritional optimization with Dr Frances Pitsilis to help to enhance your results in this area as well as with your general health.

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Female O-Shot Procedure
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