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Dermal fillers are the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world, second only to wrinkle injections.

Dermal filler treatments are very common

Have you noticed that some people on TV and in the public eye look very good? Many people that you know too! Chances are they have had dermal fillers and/or other cosmetic treatments to make them look fresh and youthful in a natural way.

More people today are having dermal filler treatments than ever before - most look fresh and natural, and not abnormal as the popular media may have you think.

Why do people have Dermal filler treatments?

In our busy competitive society, we know that someone is more likely to do business with another person if they look friendly and attractive.

Many people have these treatments for other reasons too, like self esteem, to help attract a mate, and even to be able to obtain and remain in work.

Many have these treatments before a holiday, festive season, and before special events like weddings and reunions.

People like the effect of a dermal filler treatment that gives an instant, natural freshening and youthful look.

These days with modern ways of performing this treatment, many of our clients don't get significant swelling or bruising and there is an immediate return to work.

Skinfresh has a gentle laser that removes bruises, should that happen!

Skinfresh Dermal Filler treatments leave you looking fresh, youthful and natural.

What are common concerns?

Many describe concerns that involve the shape of parts of their face ..... from sagging cheeks to jowls as well as under eye hollows and concerns about nose shape. There are also concerns about lip contours, shape and volume. Much of the beneficial effect of treatment is related to giving more volume and in some cases, lifting tissues.

It's often about sagging and deformity or enhancement.

These concerns and more, can now can be helped by using the full range of dermal fillers now available. We have a full range of many types of dermal fillers that can be specifically selected for your unique needs.

What about skin hydration?

There are specific skin hydration-giving hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that are able to help with thin sagging or crepy skin. These can be used alone, or combined with conventional hyaluronic acid fillers during the same treatment.

What types of people commonly have dermal fillers?

Men and women of all ages see us for dermal filler treatments with more men coming along now.

We see people from many age groups and walks of life with our eldest patients being in their 80's!

We treat people from all age groups and walks of life.

What about special groups?

Men need a firmer product that gives masculine lines and reduces the risk of looking feminized. Dr Pitsilis treats the men in our clinic exclusively.

Transgender patients have special needs that we cater to as well.

Deformities, scarring and injuries can be helped by dermal filler treatment, often along with some of our other gentle treatments.

Dr Pitsilis and her experienced nurses cater for special groups.

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Benefits of Skinfresh clinic Dermal filler treatments

  • Low risks and costs as compared with surgery
  • Walk-in - walk-out procedure
  • Instant result
  • Reduced or no downtime
  • Stimulate collagen production for the future.
  • Full, versatile range for all needs.
  • We are specially trained and safety conscious. See video below...

Video: Questions to ask when considering a Dermal Filler treatment.

Note:Hyaluronic acid fillers have been used in over 20 million people.

What can my approach to dermal filler treatments be?

We suggest your first treatment is a subtle improvement overall, so that others may view you as ‘looking well' or ‘having just had a holiday'. Then the idea is to have top up treatments every few months so that the results are maintained, and subtly improved over time without anyone noticing. Remember, the treatment stimulates collagen, too.

Alternatively, you can go straight ahead and get more dramatic results straight away!

You can choose whether you wish to be subtle with your treatment initially, or whether you wish to fully correct your concerns in one go!

What is involved?

  • It takes 30-90 minutes depending on the areas treated.
  • No or minimal anaesthetic needed. However, maximum pain management is available should you wish it.
  • Some may get some minor swelling for a couple of days, but many can go straight back to work or go out for the evening.
  • Depending on the product used, the results may last up to a year or even longer if topped up within a few months.

Dr Frances Pitsilis and her Skinfresh Clinic staff are well-trained, experienced injectors who use the product and procedure best suited to you.

Can Dermal Filler treatments be complemented by other treatments?

Yes. Dermal filler treatments can be combined with specific combinations of skin treatments according to your other needs that will also tighten the skin and give other benefits! These can include our comfortable Titan® skin tightening treatment, Laser Genesis®, Intense Pulsed light, Dermapen®, and Platelet Rich Plasma.

Most of these treatments can tighten along with helping you in other ways.

Combination treatments can enhance the effects of your Dermal Filler treatment.

The right combination of treatments after having your filler treatment can potentially reduce the need for as many fillers!

CONTACT US to make a booking with one of our nurses for a no-obligation visit to discover the power of combination treatments.

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