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At Skinfresh Clinic, we take a holistic attitude. We understand that for the outside to look good, you need to look after the inside. For us, appearance medicine flows from a wellness programme that has its basis in good health, lifestyle, diet and stress management.

To get the best results from light and laser therapies, people need the right health, nutrients and supplements. Dr Frances Pitsilis is an expert at bringing together fundamental health concepts and appearance medicine.

Because of our holistic attitude, we give our patients enough time to discuss their concerns and also for the doctor or nurse to gain enough information about them. Only then can a comprehensive set of diagnoses be made, so that we can then tackle the issues in a systematic fashion. We use the most effective and appropriate treatment to give each patient the best result and value for money.

Our treatments include helping patients who suffer from rosacea, sun-damaged skin, excessive sweating, wrinkles and lines, as well as those wanting lip enhancement or non-surgical face lifts.

SKIN CARE – Researched and prescribed for particular skin types.

INJECTABLES – Dermal fillers such as Dysport.

LASER AND LIGHT THERAPIES – Our trained and highly experienced nurses perform most light and laser treatments for problems such as facial veins. The commonly offered laser hair removal use Intense Pulse Light (IPL). However, our state of the art Cutera XEO offers several other modalities of high-speed light and laser treatments. They are extremely comfortable and often help us achieve superior results with no pain, blotching or downtime.




STRESS MANAGEMENT REFERRALS – How each individual interacts with their environment influences their health, creating many possible illnesses.

We’ll advise patients on how these can be treated and prevented.

Asian Clients

We are especially aware of the needs of Asian patients, who may risk pigmentation or brown spots if they have IPL treatments. Our special treatment avoids this by combining specific skincare with Laser Genesis Therapy. This is a comfortable treatment that improves pore size, pigmentation, wrinkles, collagen production and redness with no risk of blotches or downtime. Our Titan skin-tightening treatment also benefits Asian clients in particular.


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