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Our Asian clients' needs

What are our Asian clients interested in?

Asian clients, like many, have an interest in diet and healthy lifestyle. Their culture is rich in the concepts relating to food, lifestyle and health. So here, we are preaching to the converted!

They make good use of wrinkle injections for crows feet and frown lines, as Asian clients are very aesthetically aware.

A special area where wrinkle injections are used for them is in reducing the size of their larger masseter muscles (the chewing muscles) so that it gives a more streamlined look to the jawline.

Dermal fillers are used for more forward projection of the face and nose.

A popular treatment even in younger people is the 15 minute Non Surgical Nose job. Many want more forward projection of the nose, a more streamlined look, and also complain of not being able to wear their glasses comfortably.

More forward projection of the cheeks is also popular, because this are tends to be a little bit flatter. Then the appearance becomes more flattering.

We understand the accuracy required.

Our Asian clients want very accurate treatments which we are used to doing. It is important that we take the extra time to understand what they want and to make sure they are satisfied.

We have safe, effective treatments for Asian skins.

Our Laser and light based therapies are 'colour blind'. This means they are not influenced by the surface colour of the skin.

Laser Genesis is a comfortable gentle laser that works well to improve texture, pores and redness as well as increase collagen and tighten the skin.

In many cases of stubborn brown pigmentation/ Melasma, we use Laser Genesis to help remove the background redness that contributes to the brown pigmentation.

Laser Genesis® has no down time and is comfortable. It is a walk in- walk out treatment.

Titan® is our comfortable deep collagen tightening light treatment that is also colour blind. It can be used on any skin colour. Titan® has no down time and is a walk in-walk out treatment.

Laser Genesis and Titan treatments have no down time and are walk in-walk out treatments.

Dermapen® is an outstanding treatment that gives many benefits and great value for money. It helps pores, texture, redness, brown blotches, collagen production and skin tightening.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is also very versatile and gives many benefits by using your own blood as a treatment. PRP can be combined with Dermapen as a booster to give a bigger benefit.

All of these therapies can be combined into a programme that suits each individual.

Diet, blood tests and Natural therapies

In keeping with Asian culture as well as our own philosophy, we treat inside health to help the skin. We understand what needs to be done in relation to diet, lifestyle., special testing and nutritional supplementation to give much better results.

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